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About us

We started the pest control services with experienced technical team; we take pride in high-quality service at an affordable price, we always work to prohibit pests, prevent diseases and protect customer’s property.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide Eco-friendly and high-quality pest control services at low cost using the well trained technical team to create exceptional value for our customers.

Our Vision

Our vision is to get the valued customer through to keeping a best high-quality level of service, always to ensure our team members/workers are highly safety and life.

Why You Choose Target Pest Control ?

What We Do ?

Our Professional Services


It is a comprehensive treatment to control House flays, Red & black ants, Silverfish, Cockroaches in residences, offices, warehouses, commercial & Industrial areas. The treatment complete spray and get treatment application in done with highly effective pesticide with long residual activity.


Rodents easily spread life threatening diseases such as Plague, Leptospirosis, Salmonellosis and also food poisoning etc. They cause structural damage to buildings and building foundations, they can even cause a fire accident by biting live wires. Rodents are intelligent and elusive also not easily controlled; their breeding rate is also high as one pair can multiply to 800 in a year. Hence rodent management requires the service of a professional pest control service provider. Population reduction by placing Glue pads, Metal cages, Rodent Bait Stations at strategic locations at our Customer’s premises. These are regularly checked for rodent catch and trapped are removed and discarded and fresh baits are placed for further catch by our professional operation team.


Cockroaches are high risk insects, they carry a range of serious illnesses and those that are most at risk are children, the elderly or those fighting illnesses. Cockroach waste and egg cases can harbor bacteria and other harmful microorganisms, which in turn can cause infections including salmonella food poisoning and dysentery as well as diphtheria, gastroenteritis and typhoid among other diseases. Furthermore, cockroaches have been identified as a major source of powerful allergens and irritants which means that asthma and allergies are common problems caused by having them around. But they can be taken care of quickly with the help of our professional operation team.


The mosquito cases of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue, chikungunya, and malaria. The mosquito passes through 4 instars that is Egg, larva, pupa & adult larval stage is the weakest stage in mosquito life cycle & it is easy to control by spraying the breeding places thoroughly by using suitable pesticide. The water collected area & all water bodies present at the site are sprayed thoroughly by hand compression spray. The larval stage completed in 4 to 10 days so it is necessary to treat the water bodies on right interval. If efficient steps are not taken at the right time, mosquitoes can be uncontrollable but easy to control by our professional operation team.


Termites also known as white ants; lives in colonies consists of Queen, King, Few Soldiers & large number of workers. Queen controls the colony through chemical stimulus; she can lay more than 10,000 eggs in a week. King supports queen in reproduction. Both king & queen live in anti chamber. Soldiers protect the colony & workers collect the food & feed the colony. Muddy channels & colony structure repairing is done by workers. They are blind & work for 24 hours. The infestations caused by the termites are huge like storm, cyclone, fire, flood etc. They can damage any structure in search of material containing cellulose like wood, paper & cloths.


Bed bugs stay close to a food source, so are found where people tend to rest and sleep, hence the name bed bug. The frustration they can cause is not only due to the emotional stress of dealing with parasites, but also the irritation of their bites and the potential for secondary infection from constant scratching. There has been a recent resurgence of bed bugs in homes biting people at night. It is widely thought that this is related to a global increase in international travel (bed bugs are known to travel in luggage or clothing). We have been consistently providing highly effective bed bugs control services by our professional operation team.


There are 35,000 species of spiders worldwide. Many species of spiders are household pests. All spiders are predators feeding mainly on insects and other small arthropod body divided into two-region viz. cephalothoraxes and abdomen. Four pairs of legs are present. Antenna is absent. Spiders are predators, paralyzing or killing their prey with venom. They are typically feeder by injecting pre-digestive fluid into the body of their prey and then suck in the digested liquid food. Spider can survive without food for several weeks to four months. Most spiders are nocturnal or active at night and will scummy away when disturbed unless they are tending egg sacs of young ones during the day. They usually remain hidden and inactive in cracks, crevices, their webs etc.


There are over 120,000 species of flies worldwide. Flies are considered pests because they pose a health risk to humans, pets and livestock. They can infest your home or business and spread diseases like Salmonella and E. coli. A few species may even bite humans and animals. If a small fly problem is left uncontrolled, it has the potential to turn into a serious infestation. Some fly species are able to mature from eggs to adults in just seven days. There are simple ways you can identify the signs of a fly infestation and reduce by our professional operation team.


There are more than 4,000 lizard species worldwide, and some – the common house gecko and the Carolina anole – tend to invade homes. If you need professional help our team provide assessment, removing the lizards, Identify and seal entry points, use natural repellants, trapping, and follow-up services.


The presence of weeds can create an ideal harborage and breeding ground for rodents, insects, pest & snakes. Parthenium weeds can cause Asthma. Weeds can also cause blocking of drains and gutters resulting in water stagnation, which in breeding for mosquitoes. It can be reduce and eradicate by our professional operation team.

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Great service and the cost also very reasonable. So overall the Target Pest control teams are doing great work by our garden & house.
Porur, Chennai
The works are fine and now our house are very clean before that we are facing lot of struggle with lizard and spider. But now everything was fine & thanks to the team.
Guindy, Chennai

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